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  1. What is the guarantee on purchases?
    We are committed to provide our customers with the highest quality products. We GUARANTEE that your products will be excellent! Please read the "Customer Testimonials" about feedbacks on our products.
  2. How do I enter the laptop skin sizes?
    During check out, there is a place called "Add special instructions to merchant". You enter the sizes there. See the image of a sample check out below
    If you have problem to see the "Add special ..." button, you can send me email to specify the size through email.
  3. How do I put my laptop skin into my laptop?

  4. We will send you a detailed instruction together with the laptop. It is very easy to apply the laptop skin into your laptop.
  5. Can I remove the laptop skin when I need to do it?
    Yes, you can remove it. It is made of removable vinyl adhesive material. It will not leave reside upon removal.
  6. How do you ship the prints?
    Print is signed, dated at back. It is shipped with special care inside a protective sleeve. For small prints, they are mailed out flat in an envelope supported by a hard-board. For large prints, they are mailed with a hard-tube. For LPWB or Canvas prints, they are placed in a hard-box before sending out.
  7. What are the sizes of your laptop skin?
    You can email me the size and the design you want. It is customizable. Every skin is made for the order.They are not pre and not mess made. I'll arrange the design to fit perfectly into the size of your skin.
  8. What is the wrist area skin?

  9. The wrist area skin is the skin that is attached to the area besides your laptop key board. It is used to protect the wrist area against dirty or scratches and also beautifies the wrist area.
  10. What are the sizes of prints you have?

  11. We have various sizes of prints up to 28 x 40"/71 x 120cm. The big sized prints are laminated to protect the prints against dirt or finger prints.
  12. How do you ship the laptop skins?
    It is shipped with special care inside a protective sleeve and mailed out flat in an envelope supported by a hard-board.
  13. What is the price of the skins?
    Please go to Laptop Skins for the details.
  14. How do I purchase your products?
    Please go to Contact and Purchasing for the details.
  15. Which address you ship the product to?
    It is very important that you fill the shipping address in PayPal correctly. I'll ship the product to the address that you give to me in PayPal.
  16. What the shipping cost?
    The shipping cost is calculated according to certain percentage of your total price. The more you buy, the less percentage of shipping charge. For order one laptop skin, the shipping is about $6.
  17. Can I return my products?
    Yes, except laptop skins they are custom made, every other products are returnable. Please contact as soon as possible if you want to return the products within 7 days of receipt. But for laptop skins, you can always talk to us and we believe that we can reach something that are both happy.


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