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All About Gift Certificate

You can buy gift certificate as a gift instead of specific item from this shop.

Please go through the FAQ to find out more.

  1. What is a Gift Certificate?
  2. How to buy a Gift Certificate?
  3. How to Use a Gift Certificate?
  4. What is a Laptop Skin Gift Certificate?
Purchase the Gift Certiface

1. What is a Gift Certificate?

Buy the gift cert so that the person who receives it can use it to buy gifts in this shop using PaPal. This is a wonderful way to send it as a gift.

When you buy a gift certificate, it will give you a file as the follows. You can send it to the person you want to give the certificate or you can personally carry it to give to her.

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2. How do I buy a Gift Certificate?

Use the button below to buy the gift certificate. You can use PayPal payment method. Follow the simple instruction to fill out the person you want to give certificate and the amount.

The person receiving the certificate will be the person with the email address you fill in.

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3. If I get a gift certificate from someone, how do I use it?

When you received a gift certificate either through email or personally handed over to you, your paypal account will be credited the amount that is specified in the gift. You can use it to buy anthing in this shop. But you need to pay the amount that exceeds the gift certificate amount.

You cannot use it to buy from other store though.

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4. What is a Laptop Skin Gift Certificate?

A laptop skin gift certificate is with the amount of laptop skin price and is used for purchasing a laptop skin in our store.

4.1 Laptop Skin Gift Certificate

The following gift certificate is for laptop skin only.


4.2 A Set of Laptop Skin and Wrist Area Skin Gift Certificate

The Following is for a set of Laptop Skin and Wrist Area skin.


4.3 How to Buy?

When you purchase the gift certificate, you specify the following when you check out

1. Recipient name
2. Recipient email address
3. You name
4. Your personal message

We'll send the gift certificate through email or a physical certificate via air mail with actual recipient name, your message, issue date, etc.

4.4 How to Redeem?

We'll send the instruction for how to redeem the laptop skin in our shop. The process is
1. She chooses a design from my shop
2. She sends me her laptop and wrist area sizes
3. She pay me through the gift certificate.
4. We'll send the laptop skin to her.a reserved item for her.

Each gift certificate is
1. Redeemed once only for the person who holds the redemption code and the email address.
2. Valid for one year from issuing date.
3. Gift Certificate can be used to buy other items in case she/he doesn't like the laptop skins.




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