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Illustration Prints >> Print Galleries >> Females >> Me and Nature Passionate Girl

Me and Nature Passionate Girl (IG005-1)

Available Sizes: Small Sized Prints, Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print or Large Canvas or Laminated Prints
Girl flower mountain passionate abstract female art print. It depictes the beautiful day in a spring. It is printed from Lily Pang's illustration. You can choose the different format of small print, LPWB or LLP to suit to your need.
The copyright letters will not appear in your prints. Instead, each print will have "Lily Pang" handwriting signature at the corner. The print design will be arranged according to the size you choose to perfectly fit the size.
Small Prints
There are square and rectangle sizes available for the same print so that it can fit nicely to your wall.





Print is printed in heavy art paper with a white border for framing.

Print is signed, dated at back. It is shipped with special care inside a protective sleeve. It is mailed out flat in an envelope supported by a hard-board.

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Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints

Shipping is about 30% of the price.

Available Sizes Price Thickness of the Canvas
8 x 10"/20 x 25cm $35.90 3/4" / 1.5cm
11 x 14"/28 x 35.5cm $53.90 3/4" / 1.5cm
12 x 16"/30 x 40cm $59.90 3/4" / 1.5cm
16 x 20"/40 x 50cm $76.90 3/4" / 1.5cm
16 x 24"/40 x 60cm $92.90 3/4" / 1.5cm
18 x 18"/46 x 46cm $95.90 3/4" / 1.5cm
18 x 24"/46 x 61cm $98.90 3/4" / 1.5cm

Find out Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print here

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Large Canvas and Laminated Prints (LLP)

Shipping is about 20% to 30% of the price.

Available medium: Canvas, Vinyl sheet and Art Paper

Available Sizes Price
8" x 10" /20 x 25cm $20.90
9" x 12" /23 x 30.5cm $22.90
10" x 14"/25 x 35cm $26.90
12" x 12"/30 x 30cm $30.90
12" x 18"/30 x 46cm $38.90
18" x 18"/46 x 46cm $43.90
16" x 20"/40 x 50cm $45.90
16" x 24"/40 x 60cm $52.90
18" x 24"/46 x 60cm $58.90
20" x 24"/50 x 60cm $60.90
20" x 27"/50 x 70cm $62.90
24" x 27"/60 x 70cm $64.90
24" x 32"/60 x 80cm $69.90
24" x 36"/60 x 90cm $78.90
28" x 36"/71 x 90cm $85.90
28" x 43"/71 x 110cm $92.90
28" x 48"/71 x 122cm $110.90

For Canvas Print, there is about 1.2"/3cm extra on the sides for stretching purpose. The prints are shipped with special care inside a protective hard -roll.

Medium Type

Not sure about canvas print, found out more here.

Not sure about what LLP is and how to select paper, found out more from here.

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