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Applying Laptop Skin >> Small Size

Apply Big Size Laptop Skin

If your size is 10x14/26x35cm, follow the following instruction:


  1. A cotton cloth
  2. A scissor
  3. A hard card, something like credit card, but it is good if you can get a bigger one
  4. Sticky tape



Key note: Make the laptop surface and the skin sticky side wet to prevent forming bubble during the process of covering the laptop with the skin.

1. Throughly wet the cloth. Just be sure it is not too wet so it is dripping. Cleaing the laptop surface.

2. Lay the skin in the top of your laptop. Adjust it so that it is positioned as what you like. 3. Use the sticky tape to secure the skin on top of your lap ton in the middle.

4. Peel from one side of the paper from the skin. 5. Cut the paper from the peeled side. Don't cut the skin!!!! 6. Damp the sticky side of the skin using the damp cloth. Don't use any dry material to touch the skin. If the laptop surface is dry now, you damp it as well. Just be careful not to let water go inside the laptop.

7. This is the Key step. Use the card to firmly push the skin to the edge. Do it slowly and firmly so that the bubbles are not inside. If there is bubble, slowly peel the skin and do it again. If the sticky side of the skin dries, apply damp cloth to it and the laptop surface as well.

8. Peel off the other half of the paper from the skin and do the same thing with the other half.

9.Wow, finally you got a covered laptop. Let it dry from the wet.



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