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Laptop Skins

Reasons to buy from this Shop

The laptop skins are made from the unique designs by Lily Pang. You buy the skins from this shop if you would like to

  • have a special designed art on your laptop
  • carry a delightful piece of art with you everyday to make your life more pleasant
  • want to buy a laptop skin that are not mess produced

Every piece of laptop skin is made with care and love personally from design, print and package by the artist. It is made of a high qualify vinyl sheet that protects against miner scratches and water drops. It is tested by the artist personally. It is easy to apply and remove. You can easily peel off from the laptop top later if you need to change to some other design. It will not leave residue to or damage your computer.


It is customizable according to your laptop skin size. Every laptop skin is made for the order. It is not mass or pre-made. I'll manipulate the design to fit perfectly to the size of your laptop skin. It is different from the mass produced one that it is cropped from a big piece.

How to choose your skin?

  • Look at Best Sellers
  • Bowse the laptop skin gallery.
  • Look at the illustration and paintings. Every painting and illustration with a proper landscape format in this shop can be made into a laptop skin. If you like a design or painting that is not listed under Laptop Skins, you can send me messages so that I can put up here for you to purchase.

Price and Sizes

The laptop skin is $26.90 each. Each laptop skin is made for the order. It is not mess-made and not pre-made. Thus, you can tell the exact size of the laptop skin that you want. I will move the design to fit perfectly of the size. It is very different from cropping from a large laptop skin.

Shipping Cost

The shipping cos is about $7.00 for the first pieces. Each additional piece is about $3 more.


If you like the design, but you want some other colors or size, please email me. I do have many colors available for certain design.

Wrist Area Skin

You can also cover the wrist area using the design same with the laptop skin you choose.

The wrist area skin not only protects your laptop wrist area against wear and tear from watch, bracelet, dirt or water drops, it also beautiful to look at it as well.

See How to Order Wrist Area Skin for detailed information on how to order

Price of Wrist Area Skin

The price of the wrist area is $9.50. You can add to your cart if you would like to have a matching wrist area skin.

When you order the wrist area, I assume it will be in same design as the laptop skin. If it is not, please send me a message.

Order Wrist Area Skin

Best Sellers

Owl Green

Moonlight Owl











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Sizes and Prices of all Laptop Skins

Order Wrist Area Skin



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